Shiloh Holiness Church has as its focus “Salvation, Discipleship, Holiness & Fellowship”.

We are a young church this, for now, we are a small church.

We are a Bible believing church.

We are a loving, caring, supportive and diverse church.

We have a strong desire to serve our community.

We are a church that believes strongly in children and young people.

We are a church that believes in enriching individuals and nurturing healthy families.

We are a church where people matter.

We are a church that seeks to preach and to exemplify true faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We are a church that promotes and encourage heart purity and a conservative approach to holy living.

We hold the Word of God as our only authority, while working in harmony with other denominations of like faith.

Shiloh Holiness Church her roots to the Biblical Methodist traditions that were raised under the teachings of holiness put forth by the Rev. John Wesley of England in the 1700′s.

We trace our roots through that movement and the missionary emphasis that it developed to North America and the Methodists who planted churches across this continent.